Sunday, October 11, 2009

David Says - Plant your Peonies now!

After the first true freeze of the fall when the leaves have turned and plants are brown is the time to plant your Peonies. Right now David is introducing 35 new peony colors to our already spectacular collection for next summer! The soil is still warm and pliant enough to plant, and getting the bulbs in now gives the roots a chance to grow during the winter. Moisture from the snows will keep them nurtured until the spring when they will prepare for their explosion of color when they bloom at the end of June.

It is interesting to note that while peonies around the rest of the country traditionally bloom over Memorial Day at the end of May, our elevation here at Blue Lake Ranch (the highest collection of commercial peonies that we are aware of!) shifts our bloom season to the end of June ~ just as our Iris are beginning to fade!

Happy Planting and stay tuned for more tips from David!

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