Friday, February 5, 2010

The Pulitzer Prize-winning play Wit performed at Durango Arts Center

Blue Lake Ranch Bed & Breakfast Guests have a unique opportunity to experience the Pulitzer Prize winning play Wit, based on the play by Margaret Edson and memorably brought to life on screen by Emma Thompson. A woman’s journey with cancer that led her to connect emotionally in a way she had never known will set the stage as the San Juan College Theatre (SJC) Department presents the award winning drama, Wit, February 5 and 6, at 7 p.m., at the Durango Arts Center.

The performance is sponsored by the Durango Arts Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and the Women’s Health Coalition of Southwest Colorado.

The play surrounds the character of Vivian Bearing, Ph.D., a renowned scholar and professor of English who has spent years studying and teaching the brilliant and difficult metaphysical sonnets of John Donne, and is diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Vivian learns that devoting her soul to literary interpretation and scholarly research has left her with few tools to cope with the real-life trauma of cancer.

Vivan has lived a life of the mind so thoroughly that she has forgotten her soul,” explains Theresa Carson, SJC Theatre director. “Through her journey with cancer, she learns to understand that her intellect is only one aspect of being human. She learns that being human is also about connecting with others on an emotional level with trust, understanding and love.”

Directed by Carson, the cast includes: Denise Hinson as Vivian Bearing; Daniel Bickel as Harvey Kelekian; Brock Sloan as Jason Posner; Rexi T. Jones as Susie Monahan; Debbie Doggett as E.M. Ashford; lab technicians, students and residents will be played by Michael Doria, Hugh A. Englehart, Demitri Miller, and Alyssa Wagner; and the production’s stage manager is Stephen Marez.

In conjunction with the play, a post-show panel discussion will be included on opening night, Friday, February 5. The panel will provide information and increase awareness of the disease.

Dr. Cynthia K. Cathcart, medical oncologist at the Durango Cancer Center; Maureen Maker, an ovarian cancer survivor, teacher/advocate and member of the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance; along with Wit cast members will discuss their personal experiences with the disease, provide reactions to the play, as well as talk with and answer questions from the audience.

Tickets are available at the Durango Arts Center and are $18 for adults and $15 for students and seniors.
For further information, call the DAC at 970-259-2606.

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